Enjoy a great traditional pub meal at the Winford Arms

The Winford Arms is something of a local landmark as in “take the Bridgwater Road and go past the pub with the hanging baskets, then….” so much so that you could be forgiven for forgetting its real name. At this time of year they are indeed a blaze of colour and a beautiful display for all to enjoy. The pub has a lovely garden too, kitted out with a children’s play area so perfect for all the family.

Inside the traditional interior – think shelves with old books, tankards and brasses – is flooded by light from the bay windows that look over the fields beyond. And it was this fact that made me notice how sparklingly clean everything was; even the tomato sauce bottle tops were snowy white and unsullied by not so much as a speck of sticky red. I was impressed; the inner Mrs Scrubbit in me is never normally satisfied by commercial housekeeping so this was a first.

The menu is a good mix of hearty pub food, with something for everyone including the opportunity to order large or small portions (something I hadn’t really taken on board until I tussled with two faggots the size of small footballs), and a very inviting dessert cabinet showcasing mouth-watering fruit tarts and cakes. We decided to share some spicy chicken wings with a garlic baguette to start, which I followed by the butcher’s own faggots with mash and mushy peas, and my dinner guest opted to have an 8 oz sirloin steak with all the trimmings, the steak being provided by Celtic Pride, the Welsh meat producers with a firm reputation for quality.

The spicy chicken wings were a great start to our meal, although just as well we shared bearing in mind the size of the main courses to come. After a decent interval the main courses arrived, the steak looked magnificent next to a veritable mountain of chips, topped off by mushrooms, tomato and onion rings, and the faggots deliciously steaming alongside a generous dollop of buttery mash. We enjoyed them both and did them as much justice as we could whilst leaving room for our promised visit to the dessert cabinet.

One of the best things about the pub is its friendly and convivial atmosphere, much of this is due to the kindly and affable landlord who has a cheery word for all his customers, regulars and out-of-towners alike, and nothing is too much trouble. We ended our evening with mandarin cheesecake served with vanilla ice-cream, and Morello cherry pie, a delight for the sweet tooth, before waddling out into the night, more than replete and more than happy!

Jacquie Vowles

Whats on Bristol wrote a great review of our food,  (you can read the original here).

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